Eventually Everything Comes to the Light Pt. 3

The Characters
Donavon – Main Character
Jersey – Donavon’s boyfriend

B (Real Name – Brian) – Jersey’s Paramou

Trent - Brian's Old College Friend

Well I know its been awhile. Please forgive me for taking five months to write another installment to the EEC2TL Series. I was looking back on my old post and I couldn't believe that I just let the story hang. Me and a friend of my (Mz. Bells) been helping with some ideas for the story line. So if you haven't read part 1 and 2 they are located in the month of June of 2009.

Five Months & Some Feelings

“Dam”, was what I thought when I looked over at the clock. B was sleeping peacefully in the bed after our little fuck session. “Fuck, that boy knew how to put it on a nigga”, “The way he moved his ass up on down on my shit”, I thought to myself smiling at the memory. It’s been five months since me and B been fucking on the side. I was still involve with Donavon. It was tough between us at first and after two months of arguing and shit, he finally let up after I told him there was nothing even going on between us. Guess he got tired of fighting with me. I told B that we needed to cool it for awhile while I tie up the loose ends to make Donavon feel secure. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fuck out of Donavon. He’s been there when I didn’t have shit. He help me through a rough patch in my life when know seem to care. I really do love him but lately it seems as though that spark we once had isn’t there anymore, but to find a dude that can love me like Donavon can, is dam there near next to impossible. You know how these gays are out here, seems like all they think about is getting the dick and once they got what they want. Mother fuckers bounce right on the next dick. Now I'm not knocking a hoeish nigga, when a nigga needs to get his dick wet, these hoes out here are just what I need to get the job done. But like the old saying goes, “You can’t turn a hoe, into a housewife especially no nigga”.

I glance over at B, “Dam, he look so fucking good and his boxer briefs. B was the type of dude that was a man in the streets and at home, but as soon as I got his ass in the sheets, he became the bitch I needed. We didn’t argue like Donavon and I did and if we did it wasn't over some pussy shit. He was like one of the homeboys that I smash once in awhile. I smile to myself as I gazed at B. . . . there was something different about this nigga. I mean it was all about the fucking at first, but now I think I was actually starting to develop feelings for him. “What are you thinking about Jersey?” B said lifting his head up from the pillow. “Nothing baby”. “Just thinking about how sexy you look when you sleep”. “Awww, well aren’t you fucking sweet” B said in a tired voice. “Isn’t it almost time for you to head back to your fucking Donavon”, “Yeah, it is” Jersey said in dull tone. It was almost five in the morning. I told Donavon that I had to work late and will not be coming home till early in the morning. He protest a little, but as soon as I laid this good dick on his ass, he had no objections. I notice B was staring at my boxers when I felt my dick jump at the thought of fucking. “Seems like someone is ready for another round”, “Nah, I’m good man, I really need to be heading home” I said as I grab my pants off the floor. Before I knew it B was in front of me, grabbing my shit. “Fuck, B I really got to go” I said pushing him away. B didn’t said a word, instead he pulled my pants out of my hands and slid my boxers down to my knees. “let me just handle this before you go” and as the last word left his lips, he began licking the head of my dick. Tasting my pre-nut and before I could stop him he had me balls deep in his mouth. “I told you there was something about this nigga, besides I still have time to spare”, I thought as I laid back on the bed.

Friday Morning . . . Poor Donavon

I awake in our sun lit room to find that Jersey hasn’t come home yet. Concern came across my face, but soon disappear when I thought back to our conversation yesterday. “Don’t wait up for me” said Jersey. Even though I knew he was working I still had this strange feeling that there was something more to the story than what he was telling me. “I shouldn’t be thinking like this” I thought to myself. Just then I heard the door slam down stairs. “Jersey is that you?” I yelled. “Who else could it be” he said in a aggravated tone. “Don’t be a smart ass Jersey”, “Look babe, I’m really tired from work; lets not start this morning” Jersey said as he walked into the bedroom. “Your right” I said getting up to give him a hug. Before I could even get close to him he pushes me away; talking about he needed to shower. “Alright” I said, “Do you want some breakfast”. “Nah, I’m good, I think I’m just going to go ahead and hit the bed and rest up for tonight. “You have to work again tonight?” I said. “Of course, and it looks like I’m going be coming home late again” he said with a smile, trying to keep the peace between us. “Okay”, I said in disappointed tone. “Thanks babe, I knew you will understand”. “Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you” he said grabbing his dick. I wasn’t that impress. It seem lately that sex was Jersey’s answer to everything. Sex with Jersey was hell of good, but it was the little things he used to do which turned me on. I remember how we would talk all night, play video games together, and how he used to say “I Love You” every chance he got. But as I gaze upon this man. I don’t even know who he is anymore. A stranger who is living in my house. “Donavon? Donavon?” he yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts. “I knew the dick was good, but dam babe”, “Got you daydreaming and shit” Jersey said smiling that smile I use to know before heading off to the bathroom. All I could do was just sigh.

Friends for Life?

B’s old college roommate has come back into town from California and they both decided to meet up at a restaurant to catch up on old times.

“What up Trent?” “Haven’t seen you in awhile?” B said getting up from the table giving Trent a enthusiastic hug. Trent was about 6’4 weighing about 236lbs and had muscles for days. Trent was a gym rat in college and by the looks of his body, he still was. Trent, not only had looks, he was also a gentleman through and through. At first glance you wouldn’t even think that Trent was gay. Trent and I were excellent at hiding that side of ourselves from each other in college. Both of us didn’t even have a clue; until one day, I was on a black gay social networking site and he hit me up. Well I didn’t know who he was at the time because we both didn’t have pictures posted. We were afraid that some dude might recognize us. We were so nervous about dudes finding us out that we even use fake names to give us more cover. What can I say, when it came to being discreet we had it down pack. Anyways, Trent or should I say (David) and I decided to meet up at a restaurant the following day, we’ve exchange phone numbers and he told me to call him when I get there. Me being the impatient one, decided that I want to at least hear his voice before I go off and meet a dude who turns out to be the opposite of what I was expecting. Now mind you, when I decided to call we were both in our dorm room. So I dial the number and Trent’s phone rung. I didn’t even think nothing of it. I actually thought it was an odd coincidence. Trent pick up the phone and when I heard his voice on my end. We both look at each other in shock. After an awkward moment of silence, Trent just started to laugh to break the tension. We had a long talk and came to the conclusion that it was best not to hook up because Trent felt a little weird about us being friends and he didn’t want to ruin that. Which is understandable, but I wouldn’t had mind getting a piece of Trent. Since the move we didn't talk that much, but we always made an effort to keep in contact with one another and I'm glad we did, still buddies for life . . .at least for now.

“So hows California been treating you and how long you will be staying?” I said. “Well California has been treating me good, but my job decided to transfer me back to work with the Atlanta branch”. “So does that mean . . .” “Yes, I will be here in good ol' Atlanta, Georgia until further notice” said Trent with a excited smile.

“Ahh man thats great, were going to have to celebrate, how about we go to our old hangout spot?”

“Man, I thought Club X closed down a long time ago”.

“Nah, man its still going strong and it's still the hottest spot to pick up the finest niggas in the ATL; in fact I met someone there”, I said.

“Oh, really. So B finally met someone. That’s great man I thought you will never stick with one dude considering what had happen in college”. Trent said in a concern tone.

“Ah man, why you gotta bring shit up from the past and besides it’s not even like that, but I think there is a possibility”

“Well who ever it is, seems like a great guy, but make sure you know who your dealing with; The last guy you messed with nearly had you put in the hospital”. said Trent deepen his concern tone.

“Don’t worry man, I’m the one in control this time”

“Alright, alright, I’ll trust in your judgement” said Trent.

“Yeah, man, anyway enough about me are we still on for tonight?” said B

“Yeah, I need to get out anyway”, said Trent.

“Yeah you do maybe you’ll meet someone out here”

“It’s funny you should said that man. There is someone out here whom I’m looking forward to getting re-aquatinted with”, said Trent with a smile on his face.

“Oh yeah, thats right you did use to go with Donavon” said B with a sly smile.

To be Continue . . .

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