Sometimes miracles come in small packages...

I was reading this blog post about a mother who decided to pray instead of seeking medical help. Any way as I was reading I couldn't help but think, was she so concieted that she knew excatly how GOD think and act? Then it got me to thinking that sometimes we miss our blessings because were so wrap up in the presentation of miracles.

We expect the o's and the ah's of miracles but don't even notice that GOD has already has answered our prayers. We pray for love and when a good man or woman comes along we don't even recognize them because they weren't what we expected them to be. We pray for a good job and when we realize that the income is not what was expected we walk out. Who knows that man or woman may haven't been what you expected at first glance but if you took the time to get to know them they could of really surprise you. That job you walked out on, even though you wasn't making the six figure income, but who knows, that job could had promoted you to a higher level and then you'll be making that six figure income you was expecting.

My thing is that sometimes miracles come in small packages that has the potential to grow into something huge. Who knows your miracle could be staring you right in your face, but you will never receive it because you wasn't expecting it to be presented to you like this. How many blessings you missed? I know I missed some good ones and I know that some people missed their blessing by not giving me a chance.

Sometimes with GOD simplicity is best...

You Fail To Understand...

This piece is entitled "You Fail To Understand" its not perfect just the out pour of my feelings. Hope you enjoy!

You fail to understand...
That I'm only human.
That love is not absent from my needs.

You fail to understand...
That I get lonely,
That I cry too.

You fail to understand...
The real me because
your so wrap up in your own issues.

At times its seems that loneliness
is all I got

Then comes misery,
because you know she loves company.

When you look at me,
do you know what
I'm hiding
do you know why
I'm hurting
do you know why
I don't let you get any closer
do you know why
I act the way I do

I don't expect you to be my GOD,
And I don't expect you to take my pain away,
but I do expect you to understand
even if you only get me just a little bit,


But you don't,
Even if I pour my heart out to you,
Say what's on mind,
Express my living soul.

You still won't get it,
because you fail to understand.......


Starting Over

Started out as a poem but then I decided to make it into a poem/story LOL.

What happens when you have to hit the reset button on your life, or realize that the friends who you thought was your friends really weren’t? What happens when all was going well and you feel you made it to the top but realize you didn’t even make a move? What happens when you must start over, pick up the pieces, begin again? Starting over isn’t easy, how do I begin? where do I go? do I look back, No! can’t look back. Do I pray? What if God doesn’t answer me?

So many thoughts ran through my head as I look at my path. It was completely dark and dank. The light of my old life behind me seem so promising but the pain of that life still remain. Was I truly happy in my old life? Was I really what I thought I was? No! can’t think about the past must look ahead.

My heart began to race as I gaze into the dark abyss. Not knowing what could be in there scare me. I couldn’t move, the temptations of my old life tempted me to step back but I can’t because of all the lies, the bad memories, the consequences and the pain of my old life, I could not bare. I must move on, I must step forward.

I close my eyes, and took a deep breath and I took a step forward. As I did the chains of my old life got weaker and eventually broke from me. I was free to create, create a life, a life worth living. I was me again, home again within myself.

I’m still a little weak but I can feel myself getting stronger as it becomes easier to walk now. Will I ever reach my destination? Is there a destination? Will my path be harder or will it be easier? I don’t know, I just don’t know! Just breathe, and let it go I told myself. It’s only the beginning, the beginning of starting over.

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