Maybe Tomorrow: A Tribute to Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

This has truly been a sad day, now I am not the one to get teary eyed over a singer's death, but I'm not even going to lie. Being awoke out of my nap by my mother calling to tell me Michael had passed made me feel some type way, I must admit I didn't even think it was real at first. Until I saw CNN, FOX, and hearing it all on over the radio, I was just in utter shock as I know most of you were. It's reminds you that life can be taken away from anyone in a instant. Hearing Michael's - Stranger In Moscow, brought tears to my eyes and I just started reminiscing on the times I use to dance in front of that TV to Michael's videos, how I use to play "Thriller" countless times, closed my eyes as I listen to Maybe Tomorrow and gotten the chills off of Man in the Mirror. Michael Jackson you will always be dear to my heart and he will forever live on in his music.

Here are some of my favorite songs from Michael Jackson that made me smile, cry, and dance. He would want us to remember all the good things about him. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson you will be Missed.

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