"His Love"

When I awake, I'm greeted by his smile.
His loving eyes tells it all,
That his love for me is real.

Kisses me with his smooth lips,
Tasting him is so sweet
His kisses lets me know,
That his love would last forever.

I look deep into his eyes and he tells me,
“baby I love you”.
His words are my refuge,
I fall back to sleep in the comfort of his love.

He leaves me a love note,


You know your my heart have a great day a work

Love L

It makes me smile,
His love lets me knows he cares

When we go out,
His attention is always on me,
His love is the respect he has for me.

When we make love,
His gentle strokes, is pure ecstasy,
His love is my confirmation.

I fall asleep in his arms,
and I know when I awake,
His love will begin with a smile,

And it will be okay...


thegayte-keeper June 5, 2009 at 8:37 PM  

Thanks for reminding me of his love...

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