River Rise: Carry Me Back Home - Chapter 3

*Okay let’s go back a couple hours to 3:35am that Saturday morning.*

Yo, have you ever been so horny that you just couldn’t help yourself? I mean there are so many beautiful men and women out there, how can you not want to tap something. It’s something about catching that dude’s eye and getting him to do whatever I want him to do or getting that sexy ass female to kneel before me servicing me like the chocolate, 10in dick and 6’0”ft king I am. Yeah I know, I should just be single, but don’t judge me . . . I love my dude and I try to stay faithful; in fact, it’s different with him. I’m not just fucking Jacob I’m making love to him, but I do feel like I’m missing something out there. Come on now, don’t judge me . . . these hoes out here don’t mean a thing to me. It’s just fucking . . . and what my dude doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

I stood in one of the red lit rooms in the back of the club. The muffle beats of club music can be heard far off in the distance. I laid my back against the wall as the sounds of moans and groans grew louder in the next room. “Dam, who ever that is, is getting that shit” I thought to myself as the dude I was with unbuckled my pants. He was a young, naïve looking bruh, a stupid ass mother fucker, just another hoe willing to do any and everything just to get some dick. I knew I didn’t have much time before the club close so I told dude let’s get this shit on and popping. I couldn’t stand that I was cheating on Jacob, but my dick had to get a taste of this young, smooth, tight ass bruh. Guilt over took me as dude pulled my dick out from my boxers and placed it in his mouth. Sucking it at a slow pace at first, but picking up speed as my dick grew harder. It felt so good, but my guilt only grew stronger with every flick of his tongue on my dick.

I reached in my pockets and pulled out blunt I made earlier. I had to do something to taking my mind off of Jacob. When I lit the blunt and took a long hit, all of my morals and concerns about Jacob dulled out as the pleasure I was receiving intensify. I laid my head back as dude began to suck my dick harder and faster. I took another hit of the blunt. “Dam, nigga . . . go ahead and suck that shit” I said as I grab dude’s head and force my dick down his throat. I felt him start to resist me when the dick became too much for him to deep throat. Still I kept forcing him to take every inch of my dick. His struggles were turning me on, and as the spit drip down the sides of his mouth and along my shaft I let dude go.

He took a quick pause . . . “Dam yo, what the fuck” he said looking at me gasping for air.

“Shut the fuck up and get back to what you were doing” I said grabbing his head and forcing my dick down his throat with one hand and the blunt in the other. Dudes mouth was good as fuck as I tried to go balls deep in dude’s mouth.

I took another hit of the blunt. The shit had me horny than a motherfucker, the sounds of my dick in that warm mouth all I could think of was “I had to fuck”. I let go of dude and told him to get his ass up, pulled his pants down and get up against the wall. Just like a stupid motherfucker, he did what he was told. I strapped up (can never be too careful these days) and used my spit as lubrication. I let dude take a hit of the blunt so he can relax a bit before I fuck the shit out of his ass. I slowly slid my dick in side of him. Shit was tight as motherfucker but dude allowed me to go in. His ass was nice and wram and it warp around my dick just right. As I went deeper inside of him, the more I began to hate myself. I hate doing this to Jacob but I was a prisoner of the addiction, I was prisoner of my own sin, trapped by my own body. I pushed further inside of him making him moan louder. His ass felt, so good as he threw that ass back on my dick. I took the blunt back and took another hit. Surges of pleasure hit my dick as dude began to slide up and down on it.

The deeper it went inside of him, the more the hate grew. Not only I hated myself, but I hated him. “Stupid ass mother fucker” I thought as began to take control and slam my dick inside of him hard. “Shiiiit yo, you’re hurting me” dude said trying to stop me. I held both of his hands together against the wall and forced him to take it. Pounding his ass like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t stand him; everything about dude began to disgust me. His moans, his body, and he control over me. I thought I was stronger than my addiction, but I was weak and I hated him for making me weak. With one last stroke of my dick in his ass I bust a phat nut inside of him. I kept my dick inside dude for awhile breathing hard on his back. I took another hit of the blunt . . . and slowly pulled my limp dick from him. I’d pulled the condom off, threw it in the trash, pulled and zipped my pants up, and then I headed out the door. I left dude there ass out. I didn’t even look at him. If I did I knew I would fuck his punk as up for making me weak.

As I headed back and proceeded my way out the club exit to meet up with my boys, I notice that Jacob had called and left a voicemail. I dialed 1 for voicemail ***(You have one unheard message, to play the message press one.) (Click) (First message) “Yo, what the fuck is really good man, sending me to voice mail and all. Its 4:30am where the hell you at!! Give me call when get this. I’m on my way to the hospital to see about my Grandma”. *** After I heard the message, I told my bois to go on without me and we can meet up later tonight. We dap and I got in my car and headed home. I was so fucking high I didn’t even realize what time Jacob said on his message. “Fuck!! I said as I looked at the clock on my car radio.


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